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Appreciated by connoisseurs…backed by real science

We produce Bordeaux-like blends of cannabis concentrates of the highest quality using the safest technology on the market, CO2 supercritical extraction. Our extraction procedures are based on scientific methods carried out by PhD scientists with decades of experience. What does this all mean? That we can deliver concentrates that not only have outstanding flavor and aroma profiles, but deliver the highest levels of consistency in quality, dosing and efficacy.

Concentrates are only as good as the cannabis that goes into them. We partner with extremely talented local growers to insure that only the highest quality cannabis is used to make our concentrates.


Each product we make is based on years of laboratory experimentation led by PhD scientists. We engineer each product to deliver a unique visceral experience and medical effect caused by a distinct and defined chemical profile. We understand and apply the entourage effect, and are making the Bordeaux of concentrates.


Good science requires reproducibility. We pride ourselves on generating products that display the highest levels of consistency in dosing, quality and efficacy. All of our lots are lab tested for quality control.


Defined Concentrates is fully compliant with the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act of California