Although tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the major psychoactive ingredient in cannnabis, extracts from the plant have hundreds of additional compounds that contribute to its medical benefits. A large amount of scientific studies indicate that a class of molecules called terpenes synergize with THC and other cannabinoids to increase its therapeutic index, and this is known as the entourage effect. At Defined, we understand and take advantage of the entourage effect to create unique products with distinct terpene profiles that are designed to elicit specific medical benefits supported by independently published scientific studies.

Concentrates from cannabis are generated using a wide variety of methods, many involving toxic solvents such as butane. We exclusively use supercritical CO2 extraction to generate all of our products. In this process, CO2 is placed under extremely high pressure where it becomes a liquid that removes essential oils from the plant. After the oils are removed, the CO2 is then returned to a gas state so it can be recycled and not harm the environment. The result is a product that is completely natural, free of any added chemicals and eco-friendly.

At Defined Concentrates we want the customer to play an active role in the design of our products. We are preparing to launch clinical studies at cannabis dispensaries that will be used to help shape the future of concentrates. The goal of these studies is to develop products with unique and specific psychoactive and medical benefits based on real scientific data produced by you, the patient. Please stay tuned for announcements regarding participation in these studies.

Defined Concentrates is fully compliant with the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act of California